As a homeowner, one of the most important things you can do is keep your home safe. This includes basic tasks such as cleaning the dryer lint trap after each load, performing a visual inspection of your garage door each month, and making sure you have working smoke detectors.

Smoke detectors may not provide you with extra functionality in your home. Also, if your family is careful with cooking and lighting candles, they may not turn on at all. Even though they may not be utilized for a long time, all it takes is one occurrence for a detector to save your life.

Maximizing your home's safety regarding fire is worth doing, which means you should hire an electrician because they can help you with a thorough inspection and any new installations.

Add Detectors in Many Places

Adding a smoke detector is a small price to pay for what it can provide in safety. Even an unfinished basement deserves to have a smoke detector or two to give you peace of mind. In a four- or five-bedroom home, you may think that it is excessive to have a detector in each room. But, each room has the potential to be where a fire starts, so it is the safest option possible.

Install in Effective Spots

When you are ready to add more detectors to your home, you may want to handle the installation. But, getting help from an electrician will ensure they are installed in effective spots.

One mistake is putting a smoke detector too close to a door or window. This can lead to complications because having the window open and grilling outside can set off the alarm. On a windy day, the smoky air may make its way to the window, which leads to a false alarm. You also do not want smoke detectors too close to the kitchen where more false alarms can happen.

Replace Old Detectors

Although you may have old detectors from the previous owners, you may not want to keep them if you do not know their age. At the very least, smoke detectors should be replaced after 10 years. The safest route is to not take any chances and replace all the old detectors in your home. This will put you into an ideal situation where you know the age of every detector being used.

When you want to improve home safety with smoke detectors, you should hire an electrician like those found at Gosling Electrical Service.