If the lights in your house have started to flicker, dim or fluctuate, that's a situation that needs immediate attention. Although some of the causes may not be serious concerns, many of the things that can cause these problems could pose serious threats to your home. Once you know what's causing it, you'll know if it's something that requires the attention of an electrician. Here are a few of the most common causes of fluctuation in your lighting to help you narrow it down.

The outside power supply could be to blame. Sometimes utility companies experience problems with their equipment or disruptions at the plant that supplies your power. If the power feed reaching your house is fluctuating, it can cause power surges that lead to flickering lights and other similar issues. This is often the first thing you should eliminate by calling your power company to see if they are experiencing problems in your area. If so, they'll be on it to resolve the problem.

As wiring ages, it becomes more inconsistent. If your home is older and the wiring is likely original, your fluctuations may be caused by placing more power demand on the wiring than it is equipped to handle. With so many advancements in electronics and appliances, the older wiring just wasn't build to stand up to that. Whether you run multiple appliances at once or you have a computer, phone charger and music streaming device all running at the same time, your wiring may just be unable to keep up. Old wiring can increase your risk of electrical shorts, which may lead to a fire if you don't address it. An electrician can help you upgrade the wiring if it needs it.

Loose wiring results in poor connections. Those poor connections can often cause the lights to flicker or fade because they aren't getting the consistent power that they require to function. If you're comfortable doing repairs on the home's main electrical panel, you can pull it from the wall and fix the loose connection. If you aren't confident in your skills, you'll want to talk with a licensed electrician to do the work for you.

Flickering lights can often be one of the earliest warning signs of problems with your home's wiring. Whether it's a rodent that's chewed holes through wiring behind the walls or loose connections somewhere, an electrician can trace the problem, testing every wire to determine where the interruption is for quick and easy repairs. Talk with an electrician like Safe-Way Electric & Solar Co. for more information.