Lighting can be a great place to start with energy improvements in your home. There are many options for designs and styles, which can also include solutions for automation of the lighting systems in your home. This can be things like kitchen lights that turn on and adapt automatically when you wake up every morning. You can also have recessed designs hidden in trim for indirect lighting with LEDs. If you want to add energy efficiency and home automation to the lighting design in your home, here are some features that you may want to consider:

1. Recessed LED Strip Lighting In Trim For Indirect Lighting

If you want to have indirect lighting for areas like a home office, living room or theater area, you may want to consider using LED strip lighting. This type of lighting can be installed inside trim details like crown moldings, which can give different areas of your home the indirect lighting you want. You can also do this with lighting transformers and RGB LED strips, which can allow you to do designs with colors and automation.

2. Automating Your Kitchen With Smart Lighting That Adapts To Your Needs 

When you wake up in the morning, bright light can hurt your eyes when you go to make coffee or breakfast. To solve this problem, you may want to consider lighting design for kitchen areas that automatically turns on and adapts to the natural light, which will start dim and brighten as you wake up and your eyes adjust to the light in a more natural manner.

3. Using LED Light Bulbs For Classic And Antique Lighting Fixtures In Your Home

If you have classic or antique light fixtures in your home or want to add them, light bulbs may be the best solution for these designs. You can get bright LED light bulbs to replace the old incandescent lights in these fixtures to keep the design you want for your home. This is a good choice for the areas of your home with lights you use the most.

4. Using CFL Lighting Where LEDs Do Not Work Or Will Cost Too Much

There may also be some fixtures where LED lighting may not be the best solution. This can be due to custom lighting or the cost of changing all the light bulbs. For areas where LED lighting is not the best solution, consider using compact fluorescent or CFL bulbs.  This can be a good choice for areas of your home where you us the lights less often.

These are some features that you may want to consider for the lighting design in your home. If you are ready to add a new lighting design to your home, contact an electrical service, like Beckstoffer-Welsh Inc, and talk with them about some of these ideas for your home's lighting systems.