Changing a light switch that is not working properly doesn't have to be a difficult task for you to do within your home or business. Here is a simple step-by-step set of instructions to teach you how to replace a light switch.

1 – Start by powering down the electricity to the room you want to work inside by turning the breaker on the main electrical panel. You should never work inside a room that has electrical current on as there is a strong possibility that you could electrocute yourself.

2 – After the power is turned off check the electrical outlet and test it with voltage tester to make sure there is no power coming out of the outlet.

3 – Start by unscrewing the face plate on the switch using a screwdriver and place the screws in a safe place where they will not get lost. Then unscrew the box from the wall and place the screw into a secure location. Pay close attention to the color of the wires and where they are connected on the old switch before disconnecting it. You may need to take notes to match the wires on the new switch the where they were located on the old switch.

4 – Place the new switch in the place of the old one and match up the connectors to the new switch. Use a wire stripper to cut the wire off the old switch and then peel back about half an inch of insulation on each wire to make enough room for a new connection.

5 - Connect each colored wire to the same location on the new switch. Loop the uncovered tip of each wire around the screw and wrap it around tightly. The neutral wire, which is usually colored white, should be connected to a silver screw. The hot wire, which is colored black or red, should be connected to the brown or copper colored screw. The bare wire needs to be connected to the green screw inside the electrical box. Make sure each wire is completely connected to the new switch before moving onto the next wire.

6 – With all the wires connected, place the switch back into the wall and screw it securely into place. Place the face cover back on and fasten the screws back into place.

7 – Turn the power back on at the main switch and have the electrical inspected by a professional electrician before you use the outlet.

You should never attempt to fix any large electrical issues or connect any large electrical machinery on your own without the help of a professional electrician. To learn more, contact a company like Brian Thornton Sons Electric