The Internet is home to a never-ending amount of tutorials that has made many believe they are certified do-it-yourself experts. A more accurate statement would probably be an attempt-it-yourself expert. One area in which this statement is especially true is electrical wiring. While a homeowner might think they are saving money by completing this task on their own, the reality is that they are likely only costing themselves more money.

Wayward Ceiling Fans

When it comes to wiring a ceiling fan, it's not as simple as connecting the A wire to the A port. It's far more complicated. Make a mistake, and the ceiling fan not working will be the least of your concerns. Imagine your surprise when the fan literally comes crashing down on you while you're resting below in your bed.

If you aren't wiring it correctly, this an unfortunate reality you could be faced with. In addition to the fan itself, you will also have to account for any damages it creates from falling. More importantly, it could cause a serious injury.

Failed Inspections

Thinking of turning your attic into a spare bedroom? No need to call an electrician to install a few simple wires, right? Failing to wire the add-on correctly is a sure-fire way to a failed inspection. When the project is complete and it's inspected for code, if the wiring is not correct, it's back to the drawing board.

Not only will you have to pay an electrician to fix the issue, you're looking at new drywall and maybe even flooring since you'll have to rip it up to get access to the wires.

Overlooking GFI

An unfortunate wiring mistake involves a failure to install a GFI, or ground circuit interrupter, outlet when necessary. This is an especially dangerous practice when installing exterior outlets. GFI outlets work by automatically detecting when a current is passing through an unplanned path, such as water. In response, the outlet is shut off.

If a homeowner installs a regular outlet, outside, moisture from the elements can easily pass through the outlet and cause an electrical fire whenever you go to plug something in it. Even more unsettling is that your insurance company can deny your claim due to your negligent electrical work.

The next time you find yourself in need of an electrical wiring repair or install, leave it to the professionals (like those at A Pro Master Electric). Don't harm yourself or your wallet trying to do it on your own.