Whether you have recently purchased a new home or are performing routine maintenance, you may have noticed that your doorbell is no longer working. Thankfully, a faulty doorbell is a relatively common problem, and it usually has an equally simple solution that can be pinpointed through the process of elimination. Although the voltages used to power doorbells are typically not considered hazardous for humans, be sure to consult with an experienced electrician before you begin tinkering with any stray wires in your home, and shut off the electricity if you are still worried. 

Bypassing the Button

The quickest way to diagnose a broken doorbell is to remove the plate and button to expose the wiring beneath. In most cases, there will be two wires leading to the button that, when connected, send an electrical signal to the bell or chime. Once you have removed the front plate, you can cross these wires by hand. If your doorbell goes off, the problem is related to the front plate and button, which will need to be replaced to resume normal function. 

Checking the Chime

It is relatively rare for the bell or chime of a doorbell to be the cause of the issue, but it is worth double checking before you begin digging into the transformer and wiring. Remove the cover of your doorbell's chime and examine its inner components to ensure that everything is moving freely and smoothly, and that all of the wires are intact. A chime that is rusted or has suffered a mechanical failure must be replaced. 

Examining the Transformer

Your transformer is responsible for managing the voltage that flows to various electronic devices in your household. Check to see if your doorbell is correctly wired up to the transformer and that electricity is still flowing through the screw terminals. This can be performed with a standard multimeter. If electricity does not seem to be flowing through the terminal to your doorbell, or if you notice burn marks on the exterior of the transformer, call your electrician to have the situation assessed more fully. 

Tracking Down Broken Wiring

If none of these steps has turned up a promising result, you are probably dealing with a broken wire somewhere within your home. This can be a nightmare to find on your own, and you should rely on an electrician to get the job done quickly and safely. Alternatively, it may be more effective to install a new, wireless doorbell instead. These doorbells circumvent the issue of wiring altogether and will make future repair work much easier and less time intensive. With some perseverance and an understanding of basic circuitry, your doorbell should be back up and ringing in no time. 

For questions about a faulty doorbell or other electric problems, contact a local electrician like Sun Coast Electric & Networking Inc.