When you are in need of an electrical contractor, you want to hire a competent technician. It is best to look for a good electrician before you need them. Here are a few considerations and verifications to check before you hire an electrical contractor: 

Personal Interview

  • Ask all electrical contractor candidates to make a site visit so that you can show them the exact location and scope of work that you wish to have done. 
  • Ask the candidate to describe their past experience in the construction industry and how that experience compares to your job specifications. 
  • Ask for contact information for at least two past clients to get a reference or recommendation before you hire an electrical contractor. When contacting these past clients, ask them to describe all aspects of their electrical job to see if it is comparable to your project.   

Business License

  • Ask to see a copy of an electrical candidate's business license that allows them to work, advertise, and submit bids in your state.  
  • Check with your state's licensing board to verify that your electrical candidate is currently licensed and in good standing. This can usually be done online or by telephone. 

Estimate of Repairs and Costs

  • Ask all electrical contractor candidates for a written estimate of repairs with labor charges and material costs listed separately. 
  • Check local hardware stores and/or electrical supply stores to compare prices for the materials and supplies that your electrical contractor candidate says you will need for your job. 
  • Search online to get the typical hourly fee for a master electrician and a journeyman electrician in your area so that you can compare their fees with your candidate's hourly fee and estimate of labor costs.

Contract and Warranty

  • Only hire an electrician that will give you a signed written work contract with a warranty for services rendered.
  • Check the time frame listed on a warranty to verify that it is a full year warranty on labor and materials. 

Insurance Coverage

  • Ask all electrical contractor candidates for a copy of their professional liability insurance for work-related accidents and property damage.  
  • Ask to see a copy of their workers' compensation insurance to verify that it is current and valid in your state. 

Once you have hired an electrical contractor, keep a current file with their estimate of repairs, signed contract, warranty of services, submitted bills, and proof of payment so that you can refer to it if there are any problems or disputes within the warranty time frame. With all of this documentation, you will become the person that other people will contact for a referral and recommendation for a competent electrical contractor. Contact local contractors, like SDS Electric, to get started.