If you are looking for energy efficient solutions for your home, ductless cooling can provide you an affordable AC solution. These are most commonly air conditioning systems that only provide cooling for your home. Today, there are also heat pump systems that can provide your home with heating and cooling for a more complete HVAC system. Here are some of the solutions you may want to consider with a heat pump system:

1. The Conventional Ductless AC For Cooling Only Needs

Not all homes need to have a heating and cooling system. If you live in an area with a mild climate and no cold weather, you may only want to have a cooling system for your home. The conventional ductless AC systems can be an affordable solution to give your home the cooling that you need. If there are a few days when you need heating, you may want to consider a separate wall-mounted heater for minimal heating needs and lower costs.

2. Using A Single Heat Pump System To Provide Heating And Cooling

When looking for a ductless heat pump system, a single unit can be good for a small home. These units can be installed in a living room and provide heating to all of your home. This can be good for smaller open floor plans, such as a one bedroom cabin or home. When looking for a place to mount the indoor unit, choose an area where air flows to bedroom areas.

3. Installing A Mini Split Heat Pump To Provide More Heating And Cooling Power

Many homes need more than a single unit to provide the heating and cooling they need. A mini split system is a ductless heat pump system that has more than one heat pump for more efficient cooling. The units can be installed in separate wings of your home to ensure you have even cooling and heating.

4. Giving A Larger Home A Zoned Design With A Multi Split Heat Pump System

If you have a larger home, you may want to have more heating and cooling with a zoned design. For multiple floors, two units may not be enough, which is why there are multi split systems. These are heat pumps systems that have several indoor units that can be used to provide your home with a zoned HVAC design.

These are some of the solutions that you may want to consider with a heat pump ductless system. It can provide your home with energy efficient heating and cooling, for all year comfort. If you are ready to have HVAC in your home updated, contact an electrical service like Action Electric and talk with them about installing a ductless heat pump for your home.