Dimmer switches can be great for reducing the lighting on your bedroom or dining bulbs, allowing you to enjoy a relaxed evening. These dimmers regulate the amount of electrical current flowing between your switch and bulbs, making the light from the bulbs appear dim. Unfortunately, dimmer switches can sometimes produce an annoying buzzing noise that can ruin your precious relaxing time. If you are experiencing this problem, read on to learn simple ways to reduce or eliminate the annoying noise.

Change the bulb

The buzzing on lights controlled by dimmer switches results from a vibration in the electromagnetic field within the bulb or switch. Noises emanating from the light fixture itself could indicate huge changes in the magnetic field within your bulb, causing the filament inside to vibrate and cause the buzzing sound.

A simple solution for this is to replace the affected bulb with a new, standard service bulb similar to those used in appliances. This is especially true if you have decorative bulbs that often have longer, more delicate filaments than standard bulbs, and are thus more likely to be affected by magnetic field changes caused by the dimmer switch. Standard bulbs tend to have shorter, sturdier filaments that are less susceptible to vibrations.

Upgrade the dimmer switch

A dimmer with a low rating could be overwhelmed by the wattage of the bulbs it serves, causing it to produce strange noises. To confirm that the dimmer switch is overloaded, try removing a few bulbs from the circuit and check to see whether the buzzing reduces. If the dimmer switch is over capacity, consider upgrading to one with a higher rating so that it can better handle the wattage in the bulbs. Alternatively, consider switching to low wattage bulbs so your dimmer won't have to work as hard or reduce the number of bulbs in your chandelier or other lighting fixture served by the dimmer switch.

Another solution to a buzzing dimmer switch is to get one of better quality. Cheap dimmer switches have a weak mechanism to chop up the current from the switch and may be susceptible to vibrations in the gizmo that regulates current. Purchasing a higher quality dimmer that has an in-built auto-transformer to even out the current could reduce the buzzing significantly. You should also confirm that you are purchasing a modern dimmer replacement designed to work with compact fluorescent and LED bulbs that are often more dimmable than older CFL bulbs. For more information, contact an electrician like one from D & D Electric Enterprises, Inc.