Owning a home can be a lot of work, and there is a lot of maintenance and repair that needs to be done. There may be some improvements that you will want to hire a professional contractor for. Other repairs you may want to do yourself. When it comes to the electrical system in your home, there are some repairs that you will want to know how to do yourself. Here are some of DIY electrical repairs and improvements that you will want to be able to do in your home:

1. Repairing And Replacing A Faulty Light Switch

Over time, a light switch can become worn and may not work properly. The problem may be that the light does not come on at all, or it could be that it shorts and does not stay in position. This is a simple repair that you can do by installing a new switch. Turn the power off at the breaker and remove the cover of the switch.  You can take a picture of the wiring and remove the old switch. Connect the new one the same way the old switch was connected.

2. Replacing Lights And Fixtures That Are Old Or Damaged

Lights and fixtures can also become worn and not work properly. For a light fixture, you will want to do the same as you do with the switch. The light will need to be removed, which should only require unfastening it and the wires connected to it. If there is more than one switch to the light, there are going to be more wires. Take a picture of how the light is wired to use as a reference when you connect the new light.

3. Installing A New Electrical Outlet For Your Home

Another repair that you may need to do to the electrical system in your home is replace outlets. This can be installing a damaged outlet, which is a simple task that requires removing the old outlet and installing the new one. In some areas of your home, you may want to replace a conventional outlet with a ground fault outlet. These are called GFI outlets and should be installed anywhere there is moisture, such as a kitchen, bathroom and outdoors.

These are some of the repairs and improvements that you will want to know how to do for your home's electrical systems. If you have a job that is too big, contact a professional electrical contractor, like those from Dunedin Electric Co., Inc. You will also need their help for some of the more dangerous jobs, such as adding service, new outlets or wiring in your home.